So I asked my peeps to come up with good answers to the question What would your counterparts say about you?

Here's what I got:

They would not say anything which could make them the subject of a personal lawsuit. In otherwords, they could verify the dates I worked at the company. My supervisor could answer yes or no, to the question of whether I would ever be considered for re-hire, should I ever want to apply for employment there again. To elaborate any further would be placing themselves and the company out on a very shakey limb, legally speaking. They are all too smart for that.

MarkieP. I work with him. He rules.

...some guy i met on the internet. i hope that he's not gay....

billpow! - He rules too.
He's on my links page.

I take this to mean I'm supposed to say what I think of you, not what I'd answer if some recruiter asked me.

"Tony is a bright, energetic, enjoyable person to work with. His upsides include a quick learning curve, a good moral center, and excellent common sense. His downsides are only moderate experience, and the kind of quick-to-cynicism response that comes from too many years in tech support. He is quite creative, and should excel in almost any technology related position, given the chance."

If it were about me, I'd just say "They think I'm amazing. At least the religious ones understand that I'm not God; the techoweenies just genuflect. Management trembles in fear that I'll smite them down for insufficient virgin equipment sacrifices." [okay, enough of that, I can't keep a straight face]

king kludge - geek extreme
and lighting guy (we did theatre together)

He has blue hair.

jcs, Evil Master
he helps me with my Perl stuff

Reminds me of Kyle from SouthPark, only he wears a blue hat.

fi - I work with him, too.
You know he's cool because he listens to cool music

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