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tell us a little about yourself...
(so we can ignore it and ask you the same questions later)

I recently got irritated enough to turn the job-hunt-o-tron up to full bore this weekend. I went to dice and occ and basically started peppering anyone with an ad that wasn't for a position as a jizz mopper with resumes.

Of course, none of these contacts are with actuall companies but are all with "professional recruiters" (I'm sorry Carrie, but I'm just generally irritated right now...).

So now instead of going through one HR department full of people that don't have a goddamn clue about what it is you really do before you can talk to someone with actual technical knowledge, you get a whole 'nother group of them to fight your way through before you get your foot even NEAR the door.

What I wanna know is, where the hell do these guys come from and where do they get off looking at my resume and immediately classifying my "skillsets" (what the fuck am I, some pimply-faced kids 12th level half-elf wizard?) and placing them up against a chart of required experience that Larry Wall would have a tough time completing and then needing me to come talk to THEM before I go see the people that will actually do the hiring.

They wanna make sure I know how to show up at an interview with matching socks, or better yet are they going to make me take a battery of tests that will tell them what my skills actually are, since the resume basically looks like it's written in Polish?

screw that. I'm to the point that I'd almost take a pay CUT just to work for a company that hires its own goddamn people.

Without further ado:

The first set of questions I was sent by a company that just got these same godadmn questions asnwered by the service that gave them my resume in the first place

The second (and much larger) set of questions I was sent by a company that actually thought of a few new inane questions.

The resume that apparently is to fucking hard to get information from and requitres the eating of bandwidth by these questions.