My Ass. As in, "You can kiss it."
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Go Here: Bob the Angry Flower
  If you don't find this funny, you're stupid.

Watch This: True Romance
    Quentin Tarantino


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   like i got a legal section. fuckin' a right.

I did come up with a "manifesto" once... promises to attempt the following at all times:

  1. stands for mocking corporations untill they get their greed-driven asses off of the web.

  2. strives to be a center of stupid activities, the reason we have a web in the first place.

  3. I will always be open to outside ideas.

  4. I will always, always, always shamelessly self-promote

  5. "To uphold the integrity and honesty that is Slappyjack, until a phat offer comes in from Coca Cola." *

  6. "To change the view of impressionable people who know little about the Internet and aren't sticklers for grammar and spelling." *

    * Filthy thought of those two. Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /htdocs/www/footer.phtml on line 74

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It's nice to see some people still understand what the internet is all about.

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