I'd email you back if you weren't such a big stuipd.
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Go Here: This American Life
  Radio Magazine out of WBEZ in Chicago.
Stream it. Love it. It's great.

Read This: Count Zero
    William Gibson


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   Hey, yo.

You can email me at

But that doesn't always work. I filter as heavily as I can and I don't read my junk folder.

If you emailled me and I didn't respond, that's probably why.

Send me some shit in the form below, and I'll get back to you.


or not.

but i'll at least read it.

27 Mar 2008

Apparently, there's some botnet out there running a script that goes through and hits the crap out of contct forms, and I've been getting junk from it all goddamn morning, so this is turned off until I feel like reenabling it.

Sleazy fuckers. I hate that.

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If you bother me and/or I'm in the mood, I'll probably put your correspondence online, with full headers, email, IP address, and so on. Be aware of this.

If you continue to irrtate, I just may put your full name, email address, and anything else about you I can dig up on here for the entire world to blunder onto. You'd be surprised what someone can find with google and ten extra minutes.

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DID YOU KNOW? North Dakota has been shown to be able to produce
more electricty from wind power than THE ENTIRE COUNTRY OF GERMANY?
Germany, however, outranks the United States in windmill production and
installation. Yeah. Let's vote a few more oil-money folks to the gub'ment.
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