This has been shut off. the only people using it were trying to send spam with it, and I didn't feel like putting in a CAPTCHA.
- Faves
Think these images suck? Can't find one that appeals to you? You're at the right postcard app, sparky!
Upload your own Slappyjack postcard Image!
Uploaded files must be .jpg .gif or .png. All other files will be rejected, so don't even bother.

You get 60K, no more, no less. The name you give it should be just plain old text.

Your image will be in the Miscellaneous category until I get around to assigning it.

Give the image a name:
Wanna upload? No, ya can't. Shut down due to shithead spamers.
(You may notice a slight delay while your file is uploaded. The bigger the file, the longer the delay, duh.)
upload? No, ya can't. Shut down due to shithead spamers.
If this thing explodes on you for whatever reason, STOP TRYING TO UPLOAD IT. I've tested this, but if you were to take the time to send me an email (you can even attach the picture) with what you were doing when it exploded, maybe I can get to fixing it.

If I don't like an image for whatever reason, I just may take it down, though very few things bother me.