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i have the same birthday as Jason Priestley

i have a resume, though it doesn't really apply right now. I got away from webshit and went back to being a stagehand.

of course, wanting to get away form computers and do some honest work for a living, they made me the network admin for the projections crew.


The show I work on? KA over at the MGM. It is very large.

six foot one. skinny. bald.

devastatingly handsome.

starter marriage behind me, dead and gone.

I grew up in a hometown that was small and crappy with a selection of radio music ranging from classic rock to southern classic rock.

I've been trained by the United States Government to put rounds into a large grapefruit from 300 meters.

I still call my mother on an almost weekly basis.

I still talk to the same morons I hung out with when he was eleven.

Much like my Father, I'm a big fan of telling you my opinion.

not surprisingly, I have an account on /.

I have a retarded wishlist full of geek goodies

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DID YOU KNOW? North Dakota has been shown to be able to produce
more electricty from wind power than THE ENTIRE COUNTRY OF GERMANY?
Germany, however, outranks the United States in windmill production and
installation. Yeah. Let's vote a few more oil-money folks to the gub'ment.
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