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Go Here: Scowl, Nu?
  Stop reading yer buds site and they go and redo the whole damn thing.

By the way, these are the folks that are directly responsble for me being a married man now.

no, I haven't forgiven them for it yet.

Vid This: Cowboy Bebop
    Shinichiro Watanabe


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   premiere party for the Cirque Production "LOVE" at the Mirage.

Good party, the big pinkish thing is acutally a submarine, like the
"yellow submarine" get it?   yeah.

yeah, these are from my phone and I was too lazy to resize them.

suck it.

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Files from bad_photography/2006_07_01_Love_Premiere:
      01072006(001).jpg - 652 kb
      01072006(003).jpg - 613 kb
      01072006(004).jpg - 527 kb
      01072006(005).jpg - 487 kb
      01072006(006).jpg - 560 kb
      01072006.jpg - 663 kb
      Smokin_Scrollie.jpg - 664 kb
      th_01072006(001).jpg - 1 kb
      th_01072006(003).jpg - 2 kb
      th_01072006(004).jpg - 2 kb
      th_01072006(005).jpg - 2 kb

th 01072006(006)

      th_01072006.jpg - 1 kb
      th_Smokin_Scrollie.jpg - 2 kb

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