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ass, ass, and of course, my ass.

I haven't had a whole lot to comment on lately, but here's the latest quibbles:
  • Olympic closing ceremonies? Kylie Minogue? I called it. Friggin Aussies.

    By the way, her site causes Netscape to immediately puke. Shes kinda slutty on her site.
    hot ass.

    Oh, yeah, shes got a new album out, too.

  • Dark Angel is so good it got a second entry in the Internet Movie DataBase, and I think it deserves it.

    Sure, it's a total ripoff of all the ever cyberpunk written...
    and Yes, this week's episode had zero for special effects...
    More Importantly, Jessica Alba has a sizzlingly hot ass.

    By the way is not the shows website, and contains a not-hot ass.

  • Debates? You mean those things where they show up in the same suit and it eats up all the normal programming and fucks up my watching The West Wing, the best show on television?

    Debate my HOT ASS.

    C.J. on The West Wing? Hot Ass.

  • As far as politics go I'm a Dork for Gore.

    Al Gore? Not a bad ass.

I think that about covers it.

Slap's ass Out.

12 Oct 00 \

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