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wedding thoughts


Yesterday I went to a wedding with my girlfriend. Had a nice little time, but it was the first wedding where I was an "Extra Guy". I didn't know the bride and groom, but my girlfriend did. So I got to go.

The ceremony was nice, little ceremony - protestant style:

"Do you?"
"Do you?"

"Let us party."

That's about it. 15 minutes and you're done. Now, I'm not knocking the short ceremony. I think it's a good idea, but if I hear one more "oooh, those freaking Roman Catholic ceremonies go on forever. I hate that." I'm Roman Catholic and that's not why it bugs me. I don't know, I guess it's that the couple chose it and you should be happy to sit on your ass through it (and if you're not Catholic, you don't HAVE to kneel - but it would be nice). After all, they're throwing a big party afterwards.

back to the topic...

So as I was saying, I was the EXTRA guy - didn't know anyone, wasn't expected to talk to anyone out of politeness, nothing. I bascially sat there with the other "extra people" and ate my meal, looked nice when my girlfriend introduced me, and didn't do anything too crude and/or embarassing.

It gave me a little chance to see just what a pain in the as it was to get married in the first place. Photographers, caterers, big deal travel to the reception, you gotta go around to thank everyone for coming, it looks endless. I basically came to the conclusion that the entire reception is the families' last chance to be a true pain in the ass to the happy new couple.

poor kids.

Ah well, they DO get to escape early and don't have to take care of all the drunks..


by the way, Congratulations to Chris & Becky.

21 June 1998 \

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