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mystery theft!

So last weekend we went and hung out with Gerald in Iowa City. Did all the Iowa things: ate cord, went to the AMana colonies, went to see the Field of Dreams Diamond. All very nice and good.

Gerald lives in typical student-type off campus housing and all weekend long I noticed this picture on the mailboxes.

who ARE they?

Gerald didn't know who they were, or if they even lived there.

I got a little obsessed, so I took the picture. If you know these girls, tell them I said "Hi". If they want their picture back, I'll send it to them.

Ok, this is boring, but I gont nothing else to write. I been bustin out code nonstop and havent much felt like goofing around with the other stuff.

...only Nine days 'till Godzilla 2000. A Godzilla movie the way the Good lord meant it to be. Yeah.

Slap Out.

9 Aug 00

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