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bus pass please...

In lieu of another update, an excerpt from and email that I sent this morning to my wife.

To recount the morning...

7.15 - wake up, vaguely remember saying SOMETHING to you when you left this morning
7.30 - showered & dressed, go into the kitchen to pack a lunch
7.31 - ANTS!!!! AAAAGH!!!!! AAAANTS!!!!
    There was something in the bottom of the trash bag that has become very gooey and gross (did we throw crap out from the fridge sunday or something?) and our unmovable roommates were having a swell party down in there. I closed up the bag with all speed and put it in another one.
    Sprayed the shit out of the area underneath the sink. like a lot.
    No. not that much, i said A LOT.
    Sprayed poison on paper towels and wiped down a LOT of the fronts of the cupboards where the little fuckers were walking (they thought they were just gonna run away)
7.50 - What is not probably being referred to in the colony as "The battle of the Trash Can" is over. Ants well fed, but suffer about 1,200 casualties. I am victorious, yet not feeling all that good about it.
    (yes, I moved the kitties food away from the poison...)
8.00 - get on bus
8.01 - notice 19-22 year old girl speaking full volume into her cell phone
8.01.03 - everyone else does too.

Stereotypical young just-moved-to-San-Francisco-and-now-freely-exploring-my-bisexuality girl starts off by telling us all (by proxy) about this guy she went out with and then launches into this story about a girl she met.

here are the deets, in order of me hearing them...
a) shes awsum.
b) shes apparently also "very chill"
c) "she loves to listen to me talk"
    We ALL do, honey. really.
d) shes really, really awsum.
    (yes, awsum. I imagine that its the same as "awesome", but thats not how she said it - fifty-two times)
e) girl hung out with "awsum gal" one night and she hoped somethign would happen, but awsum girl got tired and had to go to sleep. Apparently this girls lesbian grooves aren't that developed yet
f) They met on a movie set (???)
g) Her friend brougnt up some flaw, but awsum girl "has a personality that transcends that"
    (yes, she said "transcends")

At this point, the bus is no less crowded, but now we're a now sweaty uncomfortable community joined by hatred for this girl and her awsum muse.

A few frat-boy-types were sitting in the back and I could tell they were getting off laughing about this phone conversation because they kept lookin at each other and laughing. This is the point where one of them just yells out:
    "Damn, I woulda done her, too!"
The hot sweaty uncomfortble community of the 5 Fulton all gets a good chuckle, adn phone girl don't even notice.

last deet:
h) awsum girl apparently "isn't that cute, but does that really matter?"

This conversation was about 10 minutes long, when she actually says
    "ok, not tell me about you"

I lost interest at that point and started eavsedropping on teh frat boys talking about going to ski in Colorado this month.

Such is my life. Such is this site, the !(journal).

I'll get back in and talk about how I hate cell phones again later. Maybe while I wait for J to get home from being punched tonight.

...but don't hold your breath.

Slap Out.

1 Mar 00

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