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Software for the Homeless.

I just put this annoying little "can you do this on the side project" (you know, the type that's supposed to take up about an hour of your time and then gets you for 45 minutes a day for the next two weeks... one of those) and got it finished and working and all that crap, so I go outside for a break.

This homeless guy comes up to me for a light and says "You know about computers, can I ask you something?"


"What is it mean when the CD says Do not make illegal copies of this disk?"

Hunh? what does this guy have?

"What is it?"

He goes to his shopping cart and pulls out this little box and shows me the CDs and they're freakin' Windows 2000 developer CDs. Different releases from Alpha to a few "Candidate 1"s.

"See, I got these... I found this guys wallet and retuirned it and he said I could scrounge through his dumpster.. "

"Yeah well, those are pretty valuable. Whomever you fence this stuff you "find" off on, don't lety him rip you off. Those disks would be worth a hundred bucks apiece on the market, more when the software is actually released"

Need-a-light guy gets a little glow on his face and we talk about the ins-and-outs of what he should ask for these things for a few minutes and he happily wanders off.

I hope his fence is stupid and gives him a lot of money for them.

Software Piracy, it aint just for Hackers anymore.

Slap Out.

7 Feb 00

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