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users, corporations, myself - all assholes online.

I leiu of an actual update, a snippet of an actual email debate between myself and Mr Filthy.

I constantly piss him off with geektalk, and after he bit a huge hunk out of my ass for being a gigantic asshole webnazi 3 emails ago, this came out of me...

> Not only do I not know, I don't care. I will not be
> using Linux at home for a very long time. Not until
> it has a GUIinterface.

uhm, it DOES come with a GUI now. An extremely powerful one. Give it another year and it'll be as easy to install linux on a bare machine as it is on a Mac.

> I can't imagine the advantages of it for what I do
> being greater than the pain in the ass of having
> to relearn all my UNIX commands.

Uhm... Like I said before. O/S10 is basically another flavor of UNIX.

> I am still not convinced there is much more to Linux
> than momentum.

There is, but not for users like you. Linux is incredibly stable, which makes it a dream for running as a server. There are Linux boxes that have run for over six months as stable web and email servers before they had to be rebooted. NT i've see go as long as maybe a month, and the idea of a Mac based server sends most admins into hysterical fits of laughter. (you gotta admit, macs reboot A LOT)

Most linux programs also run screamingly fact compared to their Mac and Win counterparts because they arent full of the propreitary crap Apple and MicroSnot use to try to keep their shit worth money.

I heard of one guy who runs Linux and then ran a Win95 emulator on that so he could run his N64 emulator on that so he could play "Legend of Zelda" at work - and it ran faster than just running the N64 emulator on a Win95 box.

> If it's so great, why isn't everyone running DOS and
> building applications that run in it, or some other
> bastardized version of UNIX?

People ARE building apps for linux...

Office apps:
  StarOffice - Opens MSOffice, WordPerfect, and the Lotus Suite of office data files.
  COST: $0
  Sun recently bought it and ported it over to Windows, mainly to stick a hot poker in Bills ass.
May be a Mac version, i dont know.

  GIMP - Opens damn near any image file type publicaly known. Plays standard movies, too.
  COST: $0

The thing is, you dont hear about them unless you actually care about having options.

> Or am I missing the point of Linux?

You're missing the point, and therein is a great display of why i get so pissed at you for saying to me "I dont konw, and I dont care" about anything slightly technical.

Once you're forced to delve into the world of actual computing beyond what the average housewife does - i.e "use apps", you start finding out what the fuck else is out there.

Major companies dont want you to do that.


Because once the people start learning ANYTHING about whats going on with "the seedy underbelly" of the internet and computing - Open Source, Collaborative Development, and the idea that Information is FREE - You learn ways to do things for yourself, save a couple bucks, and maybe even exercise the brain a little.

Look at why AOL is hated so much. they say they're the easiest and best and simplest to use, and their software is SHIT. Its so bloated so it will automatically do everything FOR YOU like all the new Microsoft office programs try to do that people who want to break out and do things on their own CAN'T because they have to take way too much time digging through settings screens to turn off asll the bloatfeatures that exist that you didnt want in the first place.

Whats the effect of all this? Stupid users.

What will this do? Turn computing in general into nothing more that another version of Cable TV where your remote controll is a keyboard (jam-packed with "one-touch help keys"), and you can anonymously see porn, 'cause thats what the great unwashed wants.

'Cause that's what the media tells them they want.

Now people who want to use the internet for actual information are fighting for bandwidth with streaming porn and stepping over retarded posts from or spam going to AOL retards.

Theyre killing something that was originally out there to help make people more knowledgable by trying to make a quick buck off of it.

I'm betting in another 5 years people that want to get away from this go back to using a BBS-type system again. Mark my words.

(about the upcoming Readers Choice Awards)
> >Can I overweigh the votes?
> For you, no. I will be registering IP addresses.
> One per IP.

damn you. now i gotta figure out how to spoof an IP address....

I'm an asshole.


Slap Out.

23 Dec 99

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