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the blair witch meets my mom.


Uh, hello, this is your mother. I just come back from seeing The Blair Witch Project...

That was so Stupid. it wasn't scary at all and here I was so disappointed 'cause here you told me how scary it was - I just wanted to SLAP those kids' teeth out of their mouths so they would shut up for ten minutes

So anyway, I hope you're having a good time and I'll never take your recommendation on a movie again.


email Yeah, thanks mom.

I call her a few days later and we talk bout it and I say, "Mom, you didn't get it cause you're just not that hip."

"I am hip, and I get it, and its Stupid."

So Much for high filmmaking.

I thouhgt about this little chat and the movie, and about how almost nobody thats seen the flick has liked it at all. J's parents hated it, my Mom hated it, friends of mine hated it.

Now, even after seeing it twice, and not even noticing anything new about it, I still thinki its a brilliant film.

I also think I enjoy it so much because I knew annoying drama majors just like that when I was at one of the many colleges I attended....

The thing that getsd me the most abuot the whole thing is how this media EXPLOSION has happened over the whole film. I don't know about you, but the crowd seeing this over and over and over a million times? I see them standing out in front of the Mayan theatre on the weekends. They look like the gcomic book guy on the Simpsons.

But back to calling the media dumbasses...

This movie was really good. Maybe I over emphasised it by calling it "brilliant". Maybe it was because it was the first thing that didn't look like it came out of a cookie cutter in a long time. Maybe people are so braindead by the Hollywood money formula machine that they can't deal with anything different.

( For those that dont know, the movie formula:
  • canned script
  • get two quote-unquote stars
  • a few explosions
  • no shot longer than 9 seconds
  • boobies )
ah crap... i don't wanna get into it. I'm irritated.

I am, however the theme linker on bootyquake this week.

How'd I get that sweet gig?

I'm sure it helps that I'm sleeping with the Editor in Charge/Group Control Freak

Slap out.

17 Aug 99

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