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I want my Mtv

Not a lot to bitch about this week. I think I beat the hell out of my frustration with work last week, and last night was kinda a nightmare, too. But the love of my life (who I haven't talked to today - I'm getting jittery - hope she's ok) talked me out of my funk and I dont feel like beating the topic to death with a stick, especially when I really do like it there...

I should be cleaning and doing laundry right now. I got a guest this weekend, and I want the lpace loookin good - funny how things in your life affect you so - but alas, I cannot. Its TUESDAY! And we know what that means, don't we kiddies?

Yes. Tuesday is Real World Night.

As an added bonus, they're premiering a new cartoon - Downtown. I don't know if it's oging to be any good, Mtv is palying it off as the coolest thing since they came out with that stupid Karoke show, but the art looks cool and kinda Bohos-ey in a cartoonie way, so it has to be worth a half-hour of my life.

I've been watching a LOT of Mtv lately. I don't quite know why - maybe I'm trying to get my youth back or something, that something being that I have a thing for seeing barely-dressed 20 year-old chicks running around on "Mtv Beach Party" or whatever the fuck they keep repeating...

One of the running jokes these days is "Mtv used to actually show videos".

Question: Remember the first video? I does - Video Killed the Radio Star, by the buggles.
The funny part of that: Most People telling that joke don't even know that.

I grew up an Mtv kid - I got a scoop for you: Once you pass 15 years old you realise - Mtv never was all that cool to begin with.

hey, isnt Mtv's birthday this week?

They DO .... BRB .... shows are on ....

Where was I?

Yeeeessss.... I was thinking of the whole Woodstock 99 thing they did.

I found it kinda funny that they basically were living the hedonism angle out there, reveling in the oh-so-commercial badness of it all. Of course, when the riots broke out, they were the first panzies to call in a fucking airlift the like of which haven't been seen since Saigon.

Now that I'm thinking of it...
Kids - it was a concert. A commercial happening. Things are going to cost a lot. They AREN'T going to care abuot you.

Thats Life.

Deal with it.

Stop behaving like a bunch of ungrateful little cocksuckers.

Screw this - I gotta clean this place.

Hope things are ok, Gumdrop. See you in a few days.

Slap out.

3 Aug 99

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