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hate mail. YEAH!

Now I know I complain, nay - whine, about the fact that none of you lazy pricks that come by for your not-so-regular injection of vitamin slap ever take the time to email me, but I actually DO ge tthe occational email.

When it rains, it pours...

Not really, but i did get TWO emails from people I don't know talking about the site. One of them was "fan mail" saying how they liked the site, the other, not so much.

I was just goint to let y'all read it, but since they were so smooth as to put the email address, I don't quite know who they are.

I DID manage to trace them to this:

so I know the email came from Rodman Hall, Building 83 at the University of Rhode island. Its an Office Building. After a little work it seems to have a lot to do with graduate students.

ty - pi - CAL.

Maybe some TA playing when he should be working? Probably.

(not bad detective work for a guy with two Associates Degrees, eh? any thoughts on that, mr. smarty-pants?)

Back to what I was saying - this brain trust didn't leave me an email address so I'm going to sound off on him here and leave it at that. I know where mr. bravery comes from, I can find him when he shows up again.

I think that I have officially found the stupidest person on the internet. I am of course speaking of you.
ok, see, i'm not a big educated mook like yourself, but even I know better than to explain myself when I'm trying to smoothly insult someone. I am of course telling you what a dumbass you are.
First of all, your web-site absolutely if the crappy color-scheme, stupid name, and horrible layout weren't enough, you had to further suck the thing up by displaying such meaningless, non-creative, uninteresting content. Your views are like those of a 12 year old and your level of writing just about matches that. Just wanted to let you know.

Thank you, Grammar-Boy. I got one question:
Didn't we get rid of hyphenating a lot of words somewhere in the early twentieth century?
I mean, if your Cathode-Ray Mechanical-Wonder-Messaging-Type-Printing Telegraph inadvertantly brings you to a site you dont like, maybe you can have your man-servant stop cranking the gen-e-rator on it, bring you a nice glass of absinthe, and you can drink yourself blind.

Once blind, you could do us all the favor of piloting your Horse-less Carriage into a re-en-forced concrete bridge trussing.

Bye the way, I found your useless page through the website of a complete dork that I went to high school with. He is apparently one of your friends because he put a link to this nonsense on his site.

Obviously this is your first time using this wonder of modern technology. See the joy of the web is that you don't need to know someone to link to their site. A lot of people link to this that I don't know, and a lot that people that link here are people that I do konw, and then theres my wife who links to my site because I give her really crappy yet enthusiastic sex whenever she wants it.

The thing is, since you were too big of a teat-suckling little bitch to let me know who you really are, I have no idea who in the hell your friend could be. Once I do find out who that friend is, i'll be sure to thank him for leading your precious little pampered ass to me.

You are probably just as big of a retard as he is. He was SUCH a dork in high school and has apparently continued his dorkdom through young adulthood.
Yeah. That probably also means that while you're sweating your pimply little ex-BMOC ass over a deep-frier at Chunky-Burger, He'll most likely be making three times what you do writing HTML as an intern in an air conditioned office somewhere.

Wearing shorts.

Having one of his dork older co-workers keeping him in a steady supply of microbrews on friday afternoons.

Yeah. Us dorks. We just dont measure up to you guys that played a lot of sports on your senior year and are now majoring in bullshit like "Business Administration"

I'll let you guess who I am speaking of. Feel free to write me back with any of your meaningless jibberish.
My Cool Dad can beat up your big pussy of a dad.


Go fuck your own ass with a splintery stick,

So there you are, R.J.

If you got a pair, bring it on back.

Mr. Filthy is dying to see what pap you write next.

In other news, San Fransicso Channel 4 is supposedly giving the undercover scoop on this whole hacker thing. Good God, they have no idea how retarded they sound.

Oh yeah, J's new pill is working out pretty good. I even got a little somethin'-somethin' today.

My life rocks.

Slap Out.

17 Feb 00

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