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Dear NBC,

You Fucking suck.

I come home from the gym all excited to see USA Mans Hockey. I look on the TV Guide website, which tells me that USA Men's Hockey is currently on your station.

I turn on your station and GET A FUCKING SOAP?!?!?!
You suck horrible post-diharreah-unwiped-ass, NBC.

Fuck you NBC.

I cannot wait for ESPN to steal this contract from you and show us events in real time without tape delays in some moneygrab that screws the consumer. Want the game in Prime Time? THEN REPLAY THE GODDAMN THING. Anyone interested in the score is going to look it up online anyway as soon as they feel like it, so you're not saving us anything in the slightest.

Again, NBC, in case you missed the point of this open letter to you: FUCK YOU. I hope the guys in charge of programming this debacle get horrible cases of tangerine-sized hemorrhoids.

Go fuck yourselves with sharp bark covered sticks,

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I've seen these guys live and they tore the FUCKING ROOF OFF of the Double Down. Buy the music, look up tour dates.

Most importantly: Go see them.

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