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my page sucks.

So, I'm back.

After taking a slight hiatus of working my buns off and loving it, I thought I had better put something up to fill the void of the absent Pamie and her continuous stream of uploaded thoughts...

Don't worry, she'll be back soon and you can just come here to link over to her.

Christmas turned out to be pretty darn good all said, I got nifty geek toys and a few nifty clothing items. Went to Kimme's parents house, ate...

Ahhh, fuck THIS.

Like you wanna hear about my damn christmas and all the cheery things that happened.


The thing is, I haven't had a whole lot to rant about lately. I normally only write when I'm pissed off, but i haven't been good and pissed off lately...

Kim just brought up something...

It seems I live in the state where that wacky cult that popped up in Israel is from. Kim was asking "Why the hell is the government bothering them?"

Why? Because our overbearing government feels the need to protect people from their own goddamn stupidity.

ah, christ. I can't even rant about the government.

I'll just stick to the commercials:

Annoying Commercial
of The Monment

AT&T's One Phone (or whatever the hell it is)-

I'm watching a little must see TV and this quasi-dancevideo phone ad coems on with theis slowly rotating phallic symbol of the phone facing in and out with this early twenties chick voice saying "It's my 'Casey just scored a goal' phone", "It's my 'your delivering the piano on tuesday?' phone".

Yeah, how about:
"It's my 'I'm too important to pay attention to my driving' phone"
"It's my 'I love fucking up everyone else's movie experience' phone"
"It's my 'There's an extra lighter (excuse me, accessory power port) in my trendy SUV so I can recharge teh battery' phone"
or howabout "It's my 'I'm a prettentions snot that is so self important that I need to be able to reached on this gaudy-ass thing at any time' phone"

Goddamn yuppies.

I cant wait for the ads that are targeted at the teenage demographic...
"It's my 'gotta call my homiez' phone"
"It's my 'I can't believe she put her mouth on it' phone" "It's my 'what do you mean you missed your period?!?' phone"

can't let that market go untapped...

I suppose thats enough unmotivated typing for now. Don't worry folks, Pamie will be updating soon enough...

man, I can't believe they forgot me this year at the Webbies..

Slap out.

17 Sep 98

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