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More on Why...

As I wrote the othter day, I will not vote for McCain. Mainly becuase I think he's, well... a little stupid.

Last week, Anna Quindlen gave me yet another reason not to like him.

I mean, beyond the biggies like his voting record and his penchant for giving tax breaks to corporations.

Heres an excerpt:

When the Republican candidate described himself earlier this year as a computer illiterate who had never gone online, it just made him look odd. And old. ... While only one in three Americans over the age of 65 goes online, surveys of McCain's peer group—older, white, well educated—find the number rises to three out of four. Almost half of Americans say they've used the Internet, e-mail or text messaging to follow this presidential election. It's as though the senator had been invited to a massive rally of tens of millions of voters, and was reluctant to attend because getting there might be a bit of a hassle.

But McCain's explanation, that he depended on aides and his wife to show him what's in cyberspace, didn't only make him seem behind the curve. It made him seem Out of It. And that's important, because Out of It is what Americans cannot afford in a president at this moment.

When I first brought this up to the girlfriend, her first response was "Not everyone uses email, not everyone wants to get on the intternet."

True but then again not everyone is trying to become the Leader of a SuperPower, either.

I mean, really.

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