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Televised SlappyJack!

For those of you that aren't part of the modern world, one of the top television shows these days is CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. I happen to love this show, even if the girlfriend keeps saying how moody lighting for 60 minutes straight is a cop out.

If you watchhte show, you'd have noticed the fact that the show I work on, , was featured in the season opener; Built to Kill. We were told of this about 3 months before the show was on in September, and I couldn't talk about it and I didn't really give a fuck about updating anyway.

But, uh... wow. I'm not one to get starstruck, and normally I don't give a shit about celebrity but I immediately thought... "Holy fuck, I'm going to ge thte opportunity to stand in the proximity of Marg Helgenberger." (For non-fans, Marg is a lead on the show. The incredibly hot lead on the show. I love her.)

This whips around in my head for weeks, and then the weekend of the shoot comes along...

Slappyjack throwing the Mega-Bird on National Television, featuring Marg Helgenberger. One of the first things that was filmed was the leads getting out of the elevaor with the company manager to go see the body. They needed the elevator door to be operated by key so they could have it open on cue and stay open, blah blah blah. My boss goes and gets the key and gives it to me. I'm the elevator guy. First I'm in there with the Stand-Ins for Grissom and Catherine.

The Stand-in folks were vary cool and we chatted for a while and I traded Shoow T-Shirts with Bill Petersen's stad in. Then into the elevator comes... THE ACTUAL GRISSOM AND CATHERINE.

MARG. IS. SO. VERY. HOTT. IN. PERSON. But thats not the best part.

The best part is that I wound up actually in the shot; the AD says to me "Don't bother trying to hide from the camera, just look natural," and the director looks at me, does some very director-like hand movement like hes framing me and says, "Yeah, his face is good. You're the guy running the elevator to bring them down, just be natural."

A more close-up image of Slappyjack throwing the Mage-Bird on National Television - after I got to stand next to Marg Helgenberger.  ::sigh:: Here's a closeup of the screen capture of ME ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. Yeah, really. In all honesty, the transmission of the show to affiliates darkens the picture a bit, but if you watch it; you'll know it's me.

I contemplated just staring straight at Marg's boobs as the doors opened as a good "natural stagehand" look. On top of that, I managed to have my hand hooked naturally in the cross-strap of my harness in perfect "Mega-bird" pose. Baboo told me Dane Cook made it up.

Essetially, it was all just so. very. good. I just managed to sneak an inside Joke on National television.

Even if I was only on there for a total of eight frames. How many frames do you got, Chester?


- Slap Out

29 Oct 29

NOTE TO Ms. Helgenberger:

Dear Marg,

I'm not REALLY a creepy stalking fanboy. The whole thing with obsessing about how hot you are was only for comedic effect.

Well, mostly.

Respectfully Yours,

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