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So that's that, part two.

Looks like I'm not gong to be an expat after all.

Share the Joy.

Plus, its been at least a month since I've put a picture of me giving you all the finger up here.

In other news, Jason Priestly and I will tirn 36 on sunday, as if you care. Buy me something, like a car, 'cause it looks like Im going to need one.

This is still not a blog!

Slap out

22 Aug 05

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Go Here: Soda And His Million Piece Band
I've seen these guys live and they tore the FUCKING ROOF OFF of the Double Down. Buy the music, look up tour dates.

Most importantly: Go see them.

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    Neal Stephenson

Is there nothing so compelling for a book?!?!?

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Losing my Religion, but finding Noodly Goodness

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