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Never go on Unemployment, or, The State of California is a giant clustefuck.

Lemme tell you: never, Never, Never go on unemploynment.

Go shovel shit for a living. Take the picking jobs from illegal migrant workers. Do anyting you need to to feed yourself, but never get in the unemployment system. They make you feel like shit, especially in California, and when you think you've escaped their fucking system of shittiness, they wait a while and then reach to make your ass feel rammed a little more.

I was on unemployment from roughlly May 2003 to Sseptember 2003, working some small side consulting gigs and doing some set construction to help fill in the gaps, it got so bad that I moved to Las Vegas just to find work that was consistent.

A year and a half later, after telling the California EDD I no longer needed their dehumanizing assistance, they get around to looking at forms and decide I have filled out the forms wrong and took back too much of the money that I had paid into the system. Of course, I had paid in WAY MORE than I ever took out.

Anyhow, after coming out of nowhere and sending mail to the wrong address and then having the ex not forward it on in time, a whole mess ensued.

I just paid them off, because I simply don't need this crap anymore, but at least I got to write an angry and disappointed email about it. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make an update about this or not, but why the hell not?

Call me a whining baby or send hate mail if you want... but just so I don't have to bother, here's your reply in advance:

Suck it. Suck directly on it. Suck it for lunch.


-------- Original Message --------
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 03:06:15 +0100
From: SlappyJack <>
To: Gates, Darien@EDD <>, Wahlstrom, Gloria@EDD <>,,,,,,
Subject: Re: FW: EDDCOMM - Payroll Tax

Dear EDD,

I have just gotten into Las Vegas and received my mail, which had been routed to my current address. I didn't get the notice until AFTER my scheduled call in time.

What do I do now?

I just mailed in the check. I'd also like to comment that your office has quite possibly the most awful and dehumanizing government organization I have ever dealt with, and that includes my time in Basic Training and dealing with the police as a Northerner in North Carolina.

I've been treated from day one like someone that was looking to get by on the government dole without having to lift a finger after paying in WAY MORE money than I ever took out of the system during the four years I lived in California. I paid my takes regularly, I refused to simply make up deductions on my income tax just because I know there are minimums the system doesn't bother to check.

I took extra time to properly figure my unemployment documentation and make sure that I was not committing any errors in record keeping as to not mess up the system. I declared ALL of my part time labors as best as I could.

Then, after I put the whole entire awful an ugly experience behind me by leaving the state I so enjoyed living in to find employment, your organization takes over 18 months notify me of an error and automatically tack on a 30% fee. What the hell is that all about?

The hell with it. I'm tired of worrying about doing something wrong and just want you to leave me the hell alone. I don't need your crap, even though I know I'm not the one in the wrong here, even if I DID make a math error in my paperwork.

The check is in the mail. For the love of God, I implore you as a government that is supposedly staffed with people that are there to help, pull the collective insects from your posteriors and work on doing your jobs properly for a change.

Your $755.30 is on its way. I ask you to please don't squander it on something stupid, even though I know you already have just to pay for your overly ridiculous machine to find an honest mistake and make trouble for an honest citizen about it.

You are an embarrassment to the country that supports you and to the oath I took swearing to give my life to defend.


Of course, I have yet to receive a reply of any sort.

Yeah, ask me again why I'm leaving the country.

Slap out

5 Aug 05

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