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as you will.


You're telling me I won't have any character until I do something I'll regret?


No, Bob. I'm saying you've done plenty of things to regret, already. You just don't know what they are. It's when you discover them. When you see the folly in something you've done, and you wish you had it to do over; but it's too late for that now, and you know it. So you pick that thing up and carry it with you to remind yourself that life goes on. The world will spin without you. You're not all that important, in the end. Then, Bob, you will attain character. Because honesty will have reached out from inside you and tattooed itself all over your face. Until that day, however, you cannot expect to go beyond a certain point.

your choices are half chance, so are everybody else's.

Aina olemme ystävykset.


rakastan sinua, minun ystävää.

Slap out

27 Jan 05

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