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Geek Toy Entertainment

About a month ago I moved out of the stone age and bought myself one of them new-fangled camera phones. Mostly because I like toys, but also I needed one as old faithful finally got too beat up on my pocket and finally gave up the ghost.

Of course, this lends itself to the new problem facing the world today - just because you CAN save data all the time doesn't exactly equal the fact that you SHOULD. In the past month I've probably taken about a hundred snaps with the thing, and I've only really got three decent pictures to show off. I think these are pretty good, tho.

I am lucky enough to work in an environment where not everyone is a plain old American with the same basic life that all Americans have. One of the complications we have is that not everyone speaks english well, or in a few cases, at all. So the company not only does things like throw ragingly fabulous parties, but has classes to help their employees get along.

However, this sometimes leads to humorous happenings like the following note I saw on the board about a week ago:

English Class is Cancelled

Insert Joke Here.

The next picture Is mainly for the people I work with so they can save it and make it the desktop on all the machines at work.

Mosey Says: Don't Drop the F-Bomb!

Mosey is a co-worker who bears a remarkable resemblance to Davey from the old Davey and Goliath christian tv show. Someone found a Davey doll, and there you have it - instant workplace hilarity!

The saying has been changed in the past few days to "Kerry-Edwards: 2004!" This is not only good advertising, but even funnier considering Ol' Mosey is from Texas.

Kudos to Moseyin' Pete for putting up with all of out ribbing. He's actually a good kid. If we didn't like him we'd just ignore him.

This is just one of the weird things you see in Vegas every so often if you;re in the right place at the right time:

Yes, thats a Dornier 3500 getting towed down the middle of the street

That right place was, of course, The Double Down Saloon, and the right time happened to be at around 4.30 in the morning. Apparently some people prefer to tow their planes around instead of flying them from place to place, so the city got together a bunch of municipal workers and blocked off a bunch of streets for a few hours to move the fucking thing around.

The best part of the story behind this was there were these two average joes tooling around on this little cart of the type you see pulling small trailers full of stuff around the tarmac at most airports. They were following the plane and observing the operation when they saw the Double Down and came in for a beer. Apparently these two joes OWNED the thing, though I didn't get to talk to them.

Yes, I'm still legally single, and devistatingly unlaid.

Call me.

Or not.

Slap out

18 Oct 04

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