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Rah Rah Rah!
Go Fags! Go Fags!
Rah Rah Rah!

Driving home from work this morning I notice one of the bajillion billboards. It's one designed to hold two different messages or something. One half I don't even remember. But the other?

Two football players. I know theyre football players because they're standing on a football field and you can see the goalpoast. Theyre wearing nothing but their football pants and socks and shoes, one of them has shoulderpads or somehting on his shoulders.

I notice they're very beefy and standing very close together.

"hmm. I wonder what stupid sports clothing this is advertising?" I think.

You know, like UnderArmor or something. Those ads are always full of big beefy guys. Showing their muscles.

Then I notice that one of them is smiling. Smiling way to big for a bulked up football player, and... OH JESUS GOD IS THAT GUY GRABBING THE OTHER GUY'S ASS?

Then I get close enough to notice the superteeny (for a billboard) wording in the bottom right corner.

"Play For Keeps." is getting in the face of Vegas.

I still say Football is NOT a big gayfest, but still: Go Fags!

As a followup, I just googled billboard

This was the first story I hit on:

Outlet Radio Has the same image, but as a full billboard.

Note, this IS NOT that same billboard I just saw, but those are the two guys.

THeres another image of the buff dudes on

I still dont think football 1s a big gayfest, but damn thats a good ad.

In other non-gay news, google just put the beatdown on EVERYBODY with the killer mobile phone app:


Thats some cool shit. Reverse lookup phone numbers when you get them. Thats good stuff.

Slap out

17 Aug 04

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