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Hell Freezes Over!

Today was the day hell froze over, officially.

This happening was centered in fabulous Marina Del Rey on a FantaSea cruise at approximately 2000 hrs Zulu time, 22 May 2004.

My friend and compatriot on many a wacky adventure, CFNO, finally found a fantastic woman and duped her into to be into becoming his wife.

Pei will have an undoubted beneficial affect on CFNO, at the very least his apartment will begin to get some real furniture in it and possibly a couple of things hung on the walls that arent tools of some kind or hung up with scotch tape.

She looked absoutively radiant and beautiful. I'm not just saying that because she's my friends wife now, but because she really did.

I was the last line of groosman defense should CFNO decide to beat feet last second.

Yes. I wore a tux.
Yes, I did happen to look smashingly handsome, sophisticated and debonair in it.
People even said so.
[ Maybe later I'll put a pic of it, but probably not. ]

CFNO got the few of us involved in the Vegas Bachelor Weekend matching zippos. They're the small scale ones, black powdercoated for covert ops, and carefully engraved with the following:


Getting this was quite possibly my high point for the whole weekend. Besides seeing my bud-e get hitched, of course.

Congratulations, Kids. We couldn't be more pleased with how this all turned out.

Slap out

22 May 04

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