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Yes, there WAS a football game last sunday.

Super Bowl 38 was last sunday.

One of the best, and best played, games of the entire season. Very clean, very well disciploned, great football.

Of course, people complained about the defensive game played in the first and third quarters and talked baout how it was booring. These people are idiots who know nothing about football beyond the fact they like the crazy wide receivers and their wacky end zone antics.

I do have a few other things to say about game day:

  1. Yes; I did watch this at a bar, by myself, in a city I fucking dispise, for reasons I'm not going to go into here, while getting phone calls (and more specifically NOT getting phone calls) from people in a place I'd rather be;

    and I still managed to enjoy the game. That's how good it was.

  2. There should be five things allowed on a football feild:
    1. The team's and their support staff (yes, this includes the cheerleaders, gents)
    2. The officials; game and overall NFL
    3. The singer of The Star Spangled Banner
    4. Color Guard for The Star Spangled Banner
    5. A marching band.

  3. Things not acceptable on a football field:
    1. Any stage, of any size, at any time. You want a pregame concert? Have it in the fucking parking lot. This is one of the biggest sporting events all year.
    2. Musicians that are not part of an organized marching band.
    3. Dancers that are not Official Cheerleaders.

  4. It was a tit, people. SIMPLY A TIT.
    This is NOT an event, this does not deserve to get more press time and suck in more public interest than, oh... say, starving homeless children, the situation in the middle east beyond "kill them all" and maybe even the fact that their government refuses to accept scientific fact about global warming.

    But a tit appears on television and everyone jumnps to attention and is on full alert!!! USA Today reported that one person complained to their sports section, "What a depressing display of filth, obscenity, cruelty, and just plain stupidity!"




Once again, America lives right up to it's reputation as being a nation of complete fucking idiots.

Screw you all.

each and every last one of you.

2 Feb Jan 04

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