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banking trauma

I dont have a whole lot to say this week, but I wanted to put up the new section on Recruiters and just how much they annoy me. If you been coming around here you've seen the opening rant, but there are a couple of new things in there. Just go see it, for chrissake.

The SO wrote another little blurb for the page, you can link to it ofer there on the right (I even got a little javascript going to present it with). She's gonna get her own little page up here soon... when she learns to code the stuff herself.

The only other thing that hapened this week was the near complete fucking-over of me by my bank. I got a student loan to pay for my MCSE schooling and I got my pop to co-sign on the thing (hey, if I coulda qualified for it myself I would have had a good enough gig to not need the schooling, eh?) and when the check came, it had both of our names printed on it.

Being that Dad and I have the same damn name, I totally missed that that fact and signed it, deposited it, waited my week and started writing checks against it when I knew it cleared.

So about two weeks later, I go to pay for dinner at Charlie Brown's with the check card and the thing gets DENIED, to which I say "what the FUCK?" I call the bank the next day and it's showing I was suddenly multiple thousands of dollars in the hole. Once I got to talk to a human on the issue (don't get me wrong, the automated thing on the phone for checking your banking is about the only decent use of one of them "press 1 to wipe nose" systems) he was only able to say the deposit check got sent back but not why (they don't put that info in the computer for some unknown reason, but he was good enough to try and find out for me).

By this point I'm flipping out every five minutes thinking jesus-h-christ I'm worth negative SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!

A few days later the check comes back telling me that it needed to be endorsed by Pop, too, so I get that done and walk into the bank thinking everything will be taken care of now (by the way, those of you thinking "What a moron, didn't even see two names in there" - I intentionally duplicated a word in one of the preceeding paragraphs, if you didn't catch it, shut your friggin mouths).

I give the teller gal my check and she says she has to check with someone to make sure things are ok and this woman comes out telling me I can't cash the check now because they tried to run the thing through TWICE, marking the crap out of it to the point that they won't even take it (Thus showing that the first girl was not only one that missed what I did, but the ENTIRE "pass the check through" department missed it TWICE, too. The true kicker is the fact that both my bank and the bank that issued the check are different branches of the SAME BANK). Then "Miss Helpful-as-a-match -in-a-forest-fire" tells me to get a new check and stares at me, kinda like your dog does when he knows he's been bad but isn't sure why.

So I call the loan guys and they tell me I have to cancel the check to get a new one (which had fucking better be on its way to me as I type).

Not five minutes after I call the loan guys, the bank calls.

Apparently, the only person in the whole branch with a friggin idea of what he's doing notices the fact that my account is as deep as the Mairannes [sp?] Trench, I have checks making loud >BOING< noises, and thinks to call and find out what's going on. This saint is named Ron (i think it was Ron). Ron, patron saint of People with a Clue.

I go across the street to the bank and see by new buddy Ron and explain the situation to him and being UberRon, man of Clue, wipes all of the extra charges off of my account and tells me everything is all set.

So for right now, things are ok.

Ron is the ONLY reason I didn't call upon all my Evil SlappyJackish powers and launch a massive "Destroy Bank X" campaign. Hell, I was so happy I even bought the overdraft protection.

The thing that comes to mind from all this - these are the people that most Americans give almost all their money to on a daily basis, and episodes like this happen? Not to knock the people that do their jobs well, but there are many a time where it is highly apparent that banks hire anyone without a criminal record, and many of the supervisors are fairly without clue also (I'm positive Helpful Gal's main thoght when working with me was gotta get him out of here, shift is almost over).

Unfortunately, that's the way finances are set these days, and we're really not able to do much about it, but watch your backs people. The price of our soceity of convenience is that a few people slip through the cracks (which is a whole 'nuther rant). Make sure you're not one of them, because UberRon can't be everywhere at once.

Slap out.

21 Aug 98

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