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Sad. Sadder. Saddest.

Votes For Recall

Votes For Bustamante

Votes For Schwarzenegger

The darker the colors, to higher percentage of the votes.

FYI, I ripped off these SpatiaLogic maps form You can see the full report there. They do a fairly decent job of getting all the numbers in shape.

You know, as much as I hate with every fucking ounce of my terminally enraged, depressed, and disappointed being that I left San Francisco to find work in the desert, now I guess I hate it even more.

The thing is, I'm already at 100%, so I guess you really can't go any higher.

Thank you, Bay Area, for not having your head in your ass. As for those of you responsible for everything I'm mad at:

I hate you. All of you.

Especially you.

You know who you are, fucker.

Slap out

7 Oct 03

To make you feel better, look at some underpants!


These are excerpts from emails I have received on this whole fucking mess. I've tried to edit them down to get the point across without reproducing the whole emails.

howdy do. looks like you picked the right time to get the hell out of Cali. we are all wandering about in a haze at the moment. a big robot runs our state. i feel the need to rent predator.

So firstly, for those of you who heard that the polls were like, it was all true. The line at my original polling place was literally out the door and so long that it was faster for me to go to a different polling area, where I still had to wait in line for forty-five minutes to vote. There was media everywhere. Everywhere. It was like a circus.


What I am horrified over is that people really voted to recall Davis. People, we just put the first dagger in the heart of representative democracy, and the repercussions are going to unfold whether we want to believe it or not. Last night, we were watching the news and this woman was going on and on about how this was a success for democracy. How the people really got to speak out and their voices were heard.

  1. To quote my very smart pal [name withheld, but this guy has a Doctorates in PoliSci, and he IS one smart motherfucker], we live in a Republic, not a democracy. And the founding fathers set that up for a reason. All we've done is undo their work.

  2. The people are generally too short sighted and stupid to have their voices heard anyway.
So the end is near, folks. Every single person I talked to in the last four hours with the exception of [foo] and [bar] are planning to leave the state. Which is good if you're looking for work here, but not good for the state as a whole.


I cannot wait to get out of here and watch the place implode behind me. Way to go California. ...

Californians apparently learned nothing from Minnesota, despite the fact that their late night talk shows invented all the good jokes about us.

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