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joblessness, quatre.

Being that I have a lot of time on my hands, I volunteered to cook tonight for Family Survivor Night.

(shut your goddamn mouth right now. I have nothing else to do, and Jenni's kids are cute and fun to hang with.)

Anyhow, this is what I made. Even the 6, 5, and 1 year old liked it, and kids don't like ANYTHING!

I'm apparently not employable, but I can cook tasty sustenance to feed an army like a motherfucker.

Food Recepie of the junk i cooked last night:

"Paella a la SlappyJack"

	1 lb	Boneless/skinless Chicken Breast
	1 lb	Italian Sausage (I like Spicy)
	1	Meduim Green Pepper
	1	Meduim Red Pepper
	1	Meduim Onion
	1 can 	Italian Beans (DelMonte! Yum!)
	1 can	Water Chestnuts (I used cheapoe ones)
	2 cups 	Rice.  
		I used instant white, but I bet wild or long 
		grain would be even better
	2 cups	Chicken Broth

I'd also add:
	1 lb	Shrimp
		It recommend the precooked stuff for safety.

- Chop Onion and Peppers into little peices

- Open Cans of Beans and Chestnuts
	I chucked the water from both

- Cube Chicken, (cut the shrimp in chunks, if you bought them)

- I prepour the rice nad broth into litlte bowls, like they do 
on the cooking shows

- Heat 12" skillet nad slap in the sausage. Peirce the skin a 
little so the fatty juices can ooze out nicely. Cook it enough
so you can cut it into bite sized chunks without it squishing 
out of the skin. Generally, you wanna cook the whole thing over
a heat thats like "medium-high."

(I keep the skillet covered during most og the cooking, just to
get it to go faster.  Some people don't.)

- Leave the sausage fat in the pan and toss the chicken in. Cook
it mostly, while you slice up the sausages

- Chuck sausage back in

- Dump onion and peppers in there

- Stir and tend to for a while. Maybe 5 minutes or so, to get the
veggie juices flowing.

- when the juices are flowing, dump in rice and broth.  Be careful,
because a 12" skillet is getting pretty damn full now.

- This is when I add the spices: I used the following. not really
measured more carefully than "a dash - some - maybe a touch more."
	Lemon Pepper
	Garlic Powder
	little dried chives
	little dried tarragon
again, whatever you got.

- this will take a little time to fold in decently, and covering
the whole mess will help the rice cook.  I let this get to a good

(- If you bought shrimp, chuck this in, too.)

-Then back off the heat a little to let the rice start soaking up all
the good juices. This is the time to toss in teh beans and Chestnuts
(this way they'll get good andf hot, but wont get mooshy, which is gross.

- You'll need to take some time folding this junk all into itself with
a nice fat spatula.  Be careful not to spill!  You wanna get the stuff
mixed really good!

- Simmer 'till the rice is nice and soft and tasty.


Cook it, enjoy it, lemme know how it came out.

Slap out

25 Sep 03

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