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Keep your religion out of my government.

So at 10 AM EDT they finally pulled that big hunk of rock out of the courthouse in Alabama. Of course, there's sorta-semi-pandemonuim, and the rest of the country has to admit that yes, the Big States have a retarded little brother that rides the short bus to Congress, that little brother is named Alabama.

Look, a fair hunk of us beleive in God, and that's all well and good, but we don't want him in our government.

I think God, being all powerful and ageless, is a big enough Entity to not feel too bad about this, being that he runs everything else.

See, people who were willing to NOT be rediculous wankers and lay face down in front othe oppposition weeping openly whilt muttering self-comforting incantations, but instead put themselves in harms way in front of the Largest Empire on The Planet at the Time (I apologize to all the frenchies out there... those of us that speak english first learn England was bigger than you) - harm's way being physically represented by a sixty three caliber hunk of lead with weird mold lines on them that made the wounds a lot more jagged - decided that if THEY were going to put their asses on the line to make a country, then THEY were going to damn well run it.

(I am well aware that THEY were all white rich guys and everyone else at the time could either fetch them some mead or go fuck themselves, but that is a totally different conversation)

They didn't want people chosen to lead "by divine right" nor did they want some guy with a robe and and old book yelling at another guy in a robe with a different old book who is yelling back about which old book is the correct one and eventually getting angry enough to run each other through.

They wanted everyone to be able to read their own old book without worrying about being beaten for it or having anyone elses old book forced on them in their day-to-day lives. This includes Thousand Pound Rocks Inscribed With Excerpts From An Old Book in public places like overnment buildings.

Thank you.

This, is a good idea. Our Model of Law is actually based on an old code written by a bunch of poyltheistic heathens, so that pretty much settles that.

So, we'll let God and his many different old books help do the job of hopefully raising our little inconsiderate children in suck a way that at least SOME of them will turn out the be just and fair and wise enough to lead our country. That's his job as far as the government goes.

If you're gonna ask the Big Man for anything, Maybe you should pray this:

O' Lord, We Beseetch Thee to Help us Raise up
Not another Asshole Who Will Try to Run Our Government
By Refusing to Think and Use one of Your Old Books
As A Rulebook Again

We Beg This Because Those Guys,
As We are Sure You Well Know,
are Fucking Annoying and Useless as Leaders


(Yes, this does include things like leading the charge in fucking up the planet as quickly as possible.)

God did his part, now it's up to us. The Big G will sit in every so often (as He sees time) and let us swear to tell the truth so help Him.

Slap out.

27 Aug 03

P.S. - To that older dude in the blue button down shirt and sunglasses that just kept staring at the building ina blind rage and kept screaming PUUUT IT BAAAAAACK!!!! at the top of his lungs.

You're one annoying insane old coot. For the good of us all, I hope you give yourself an aneurysm.

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