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the joys of me.

See, the best thing about being unceremoniously dumped from the world of being gainfully employed is that you can borrow $20 off your spouse and have fine nights at the local western-style gay saloon like this:

The guy on the far left, don't know him. Looks like he's having a good time, tho. I think Hes celebrating the Supreme Court, or will be - very soon.

The guy on the left, bartenders love him. People keep asking if we're a couple, which we're not. Not in the biblical sense, anyway.

Guy in the center, unemployed asshole.

Guy on the right, bartenders that don't love the guy on the left love him. He lives with me. Not in the biblical sense.

People on far right, don't know them, and they didn't get in the picture, so screw 'em.

Notice How they have drinks and I don't. Thats because along my newly developed sense of self, I've developed the ability to make beers disappear!

It's all very, very wrong.


Slap out

7 Jul 03

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