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Super Thoughts.

I was going to write up thoughts on Super Sunday, but then I got this email and now I don't need to.


SuperBowl: Really, who really cared? When defenses win games in any sport,
it's time to turn the channel.

Is there a movie one should want to see less than a superhero action movie
directed by a guy who specializes in very slow movies about psychological
repression? And even though bodybuilders are bigger than ever before, why
the CGI hulk? Was this not the most interesting thing about the TV hulk,
that someone was actually that big?

The Matrix: I will look forward to it but the marketing will no doubt
sicken me.

Where is Britney and her big American breasts?

The sham of last year's Irish rockers who sold out was surpassed by this
year's multiple Canadians on the slate, and an even more over-the-hill
British pop-rocker who sold out way before.

Arnold was the biggest shit about 12 years ago. No one remembers that;
except for Arnold, apparently.

Note to Al Pacino: Just because DeNiro sold his ass for money doesn't mean
you have to.

Did you see Alias? : After Kiefer and 24, everything else just makes me

Note to Jennifer Garner: Nina Meyers has no breasts to speak of, has never
been in underwear, and has no movie with Ben Asslick. She is still 100
times hotter than you.

I like Jim Carrey and will see his movie. So sue me.

If Bud Light ever makes a commercial about being the beer that tastes like
shit but that we drink because it's always on special in college bars and
simply "gets you there" for the cheapest, I will actually start to drink
it by choice.

Did Al Michaels incorporate a plug for into his game-calling?
That might be something even Dierdorff didn't do. That's it, Al, you're a

Say anything you want about Al Davis, he's no jock sniffer and he doesn't
talk silly or scream like a weirdo on TV.

I mean, really.

Side note:
Its not too late to get your valentine presents:
  let her show her stuff
  put me near her stuff
  tell him how you really feel
  tell him how you really feel, sluttily!
  Don't forget her kid!

Slap out

27 Jan 03

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