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maybe they're not all gone yet.

One of the big complaints of San Franciscans during the internet boom was that the city was filling up with "Dot-Com Assholes". These people were typically young, overpaid, and had no clue as to how to behave. When the bust hit, most of these yahoos lost their jobs and had to leave (taking all the rental trucks with them) or stuck around and started working the $8/hr. jobs previous college graduates had to suffer through. Apparently not everyone has learned their little lesson in humility just yet...

As I was coming in to work, I noticed the guy from the DPT was painting the curbs on the street across form our office. (He was doing the curb on our side yesterday.)

[ For those of you that don't know, California is HUGE on painting the curbs to mark of different parking/stopping/standing zones. This aparently makes it harder to fight parking tickets, not that Californians pay them, and it lets you know EXACTLY where your car can and can't be. Me? I like it. ]

I saw him finish up the red zone (no parking - ever) where the bus stop is, and start up on the yellow zone (limited parking - some reserved for trucks). Not an hour later I come out to smoke and while the guy was painting the yellow zone some moron comes in and parks IN THE RED ZONE.

As of this writing, he's been there for two hours. You can see a few more pictures of this fiasco in the bad photography section

fucking people.

In other news, The Wife took me to Fight Night at the Tank.

She bought season tickets, of course. They were VERY close to the ring, of course.

It was interesting.

Slap Out

24 May 02

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