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titanic outburst (wedding three)


I just posted this thing online and the g/f just popped me this little tidbit of information - I MUST pass this along:

Travel agents are now having to tell people they book cruises for to Not Stand on the railing and lean out over the Bow of the Ship! Something like FIVE PEOPLE have died trying to do this feat.

"...but why would they do this," you ask?

They were trying to recreate a scene from that overrated, "Hollywood Blockbuster", young-girl-panty-moistening piece of crap Titanic.

Apparently during one scene in the waste-of-celluloid the star-crossed tragic lovers do something trite and hackneyed that the great unwashed think is romance on the rrailing of the ship... stupid.

Other news of how stupid the general public is over this waste of time (compiled from a few news sources online):

"In San Francisco, one man was hospitalized after another customer beat him up for his copy of the tape."
          I wish I would have though of setting up a bat-vending booth outside the store


"One woman, Diane Castillo, 21, has seen 'Titanic' 54 times in theaters. But she still waited impatiently for a chance to buy the video.

" 'It's a good love story,' Castillo said. 'The way he died for her, you wouldn't find that here. Nobody in New York is going to die for you.' "
          Could that be because they know you spent upwards of $400 to watch Titanic 54 times?


"Bill Fowble, 21, and his girlfriend Heather Curtis, 19, have both seen ``Titanic'' four times. They were the first in line outside a Hollywood Video store in the Seattle suburb of Lake Forest Park to buy the video. "When asked why they waited 90 minutes to buy a movie they've both seen, Fowble answered: 'Because we're all idiots.' "
          no argument there. But I bet he got a little when he got home.

I cannot tell you how poignant this is in marking the downfall of western culture and the further rise of the lowest common denominator.

Lord help me when this crap hits cable. Its going to be 24-7. Its a good thing I don't have a gun.

now that Iv'e reread the following rant, I'm going to shrink it down so you can easily skip to the bottom...

You know, I'm not even sure what to talk about that marks this past weekend. There were the total morons they for some reason gave lisences to that I had to share the road with (e.g. the trucker that almost crushed us while the g/f was driving). There was the feeling of total wierdness that came with walking around a huge college campus and realizing that you're 10 years older but not a whole helluva lot different than most of the peole I walked by.

Oh yeah, there was this wedding thing, too, and the group of people I hung out with that I've known since I was a kid...

The wedding was really nice. A little different, but in a good way. The nuptualers had just spent a year in Greece, and the food for the wedding was all greek-style hors de'ovures. I thought I was going to starve, but they were really good and I DID manage to eat about 11 platefulls. The guestbook was different, too. Instead of a big flashy booring book you pen your name in and forget about, they had... uh... well, basically a kindergarten craft table, but adult sized, with all sorts of crayons and markers and glue and glitter and stuff to make your own little cards for them to remember you by.

It was really funy to see a tablefull of adults try to put glitter on a card without getting it all over themselves (can't be done). Of course, what little creativity I had totally fell from my body the second I sat down to create something. Sorry guys.

Great way to do a reception.

The ceremony was really nice, too. Church was one room and tiny, if groom-boy would have smiled any bigger his head would have fell open, bridey looked absolutely gorgeous.

One of the funniest things was spending the weekend with friends from High School. I've seen them before, but never in a situation like this. We're all fairly intelligent people, but for some reason the stupid switch was thrown and we basically behaved like the past 11 years never happened.

I haven't had a more relaxing vacation in years.

One of the things I neglected to mention about the reception was the centerpieces. Bowls with a couple of goldfish apiece, on a mirror with little flower petals scattered around (standard wedding stuff).

Pic o' Hutt

This guy took the stupid switch to the next level. He ate one of the goldfish (so, of course, I hadda eat one, too...) Nothing like free booze at a wedding reception to loosen ya up.

Great seein' the HS chums again, don'tcha think?

Wow. Almost 300 words and not one thing of value said.

If you want to read somehitng that is actually interesting, go see Bill, just don't bother him on the street.

Slap Out.

2 Sep 98

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