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in my office.

Billy and Stripper Barbie Rule! I got my hands on one of them cheapass "Pen-Cams". It takes really crappy pictures, but I don't really care. You are now goign to be bararaged with dumb pictures whenever I feel like it.

To the right is a snap of oen of my shelves at work. Thats where most of the toys go. Here we have Paul Jack's Christmas gift to me, Baseball Billy, with the fine gal pal I hooked him up with - Stripper Barbie.

The little Doll to the right is a unrelated gift from the wife. She has nothing to do with Billy. Not that I know about, anyway.

As you can tell from this photo - Bill ain't really gay after all. People keep coming into the office and saying after seeing Billy, "DAMN, that boy is hung."

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see him as being all that bigger that average.

Not that I've see a lot of penises or anything, but you know, in comparison to mine...

okay. I'll just stop here. Have a fine day.

Slap Out

31 Jan 02

BONUS IMAGE: Not Amused by my Camera


The following came from abnormal

According to figures from the California State University Board of Trustees (full report), only 38% of entering freshmen arrived proficient in math and english in the fall of 2001. In case you are a CSU freshman I'll do the math, that means 62% of freshmen have to take a remedial math or english class. For some reason California State Universities have to let in students in the top third of their high school class and have a B average. This blows my mind!

How about this: Don't let the people in college if they can't do college level work. For fuck sake, 62% of the kids couldn't pass a high school profiency test in either math or english. 46% couldn't pass both tests! They couldn't read an article and answer some questions based on the article and/or they simply can't do beginning algebra.

Now, even I know that UC Berkeley is a pretty good school. Competitive and smart. So what are the students at, say, UC Santa Cruz like? Do they just put headgear on them so they don't hurt each other? Fucking retards! Hey it's called higher education for a reason. If they can't cut it, don't let them in. Just hand them spatula and bus them to McDonalds. Fucking make them go to a community college for a year. But don't let them in to college. It just eats up resources and lowers the quality of education in California. No wonder people laugh at California State Schools.

The Chronicle did an article, on the topic.

GO ahead, ask me again why I don't like people.

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