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me at work,
as if you all gave a good goddamn.

I'm tired of looking at the crap I had up, so I thought I'd annoy you all by putting 90K worth of big stupid jpegs up of me at work. It's my personal little homage to the standard user homepage. Didj'a ever notice what "homage" and "homepage" are only one letter different? You think thats merely coincidence?

I don't.

No, you suck.

Me in my new office. This is how I usually look.

Interesting Items of note:

  • The desk is IKEA, compliments to me of Larry Halff.
    If you follow the link, you can see HIS cool new desk.
  • The Blue Poster was left behind by the guys at I'd link them, but:
    1. They're Dead and gone.
    2. The site is still up, but I don't think it works anymore.
    3. I hate them because they did a shitbag layout of network wiring on our floor, thus making me do extra work.
  • iMotors had like 3 people working in here, i believe.

This is Admiral Ackbar of the Calimari (from Return of the Jedi) dressed up as Santa Claus. He hangs in my office, just to the left of the edge of the picture above.

Interesting Items of note:
  • This was my christmas present from Dik in 1995.
  • Ackbar never wore a Santa Hat in Jedi.
  • Admiral Ackbar's voice was done by Timothy M. Rose, who also did the voice of Howard the Duck.

This is me and Dik.

  • This was taken abuot ten years ago at one of JuJie's softball games at Seward School.
  • I always wore that hat with the brim up.
  • Dik gave me the hat, too.

This next photo is of my typical behavior at our weekly meeting:

Interesting Items of note:

  • I cropped everyone else out because they just didn't care this was going on.
  • Yes, I am grabing myself.
  • That's the wife, so this really doesn't count as sexual harrassment.
  • Apparently she found that top at some store for $5.

This is the picture of Jeremy in his suit again. It has nothing to do with me or my office, but it will really bother him.

...and here's me with some crumpled paper Tony made into a bird-thingy:

Interesting Items of note:

  • This is quite possibly the gayest picture of me, ever.

again - as if you all gave a good goddamn.

Slap Out

11 Oct 01

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