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politics suck
(or: Kenneth Starr can Kiss My Ass. )

So he was wrong.




Well, actually, it is.

To his wife.

Not to Ken Starr, not the media, not the rest of us.

The only real event that happened out of the ordinary was that people today all want their 15 minutes of fame, teh gal saw her shot, and took it. I think I can safely say that "Inappropriate Relations" have been far from rare in that big ol' house. Well, may be for the past 25 years or so... look who we've had in there:

  • Bush - uh... no.
  • Reagan - You kidding me? The guy's favorite woman was the "Pill Lady".
  • Carter - I doubt it. I like him, but I doubt he even had sex with his wife...
  • Ford - Welllllllll, maybe. If he didn't fall down on his way to the affair.
  • Nixon - He had enough to worry about.
  • LBJ - Nah .. well, maybe. A good ol' boy like that probably had a few hookers around.
Now that you're all pissed of, take a good look at that list. All those men were presidents, they all had their faults, thay all did big things. We all remember them for different things, but they were actual big things, not the fact that they did something stupid.

Are we as a country that freaking bored that we let a partisan government get into a pissing match that costs the taxpayers Lord knows who much money and belongs on the Jerry Springer show.

...and now a break from my irritated incoherent babble
to bring you some prime journalism...

From CNN's "special coverage" or the post-apology :

Following are some comments made throughout the world:



"A man is a man all over the world. Clinton has power, that means he can do what he wants," said Reem Nazer, a 22-year-old acting student, pondering the fate of the U.S. president in a bustling Beirut coffee shop.

"But because he is president, he should not do such things in the open; he should do it in secret," she added, sitting beside two friends who agreed with her logic.


...and now back to the incoherent babble...

Makes ya think, eh?
Different countries, different cultures, different opinions.

My thought on alla this:

The country is going nuts over a man who used his position of power to get sex, but what about the women who use sex to get a position of power?
Slap out.

18 Aug 98

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