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For all of you that I didn't send the mass mailing to, I was on TV!

C|net has a show called that salks about suit crap and online trends and stuff. They mirror the show's segments online. We're the fourth story down, called "Risque Business".

I know. I didn't title it.

FYI - The stripper barbie they show - thats my desk.

Filthy and I had the following conversation about Tomb Raider today...

Slappy: You know what, in Tomb Raider, when Croft was wearing dresses and "normal" clothes, she has regular (yet spectacular) Jolie Boobies. When shes in the "costume" of grey t-shirt and twin desert eagle .50s, those things DOUBLED IN SIZE!

Filthy: That's a good point, and I noticed it too. But I'm still so pissed they strapped her into that massive, ugly bra. Let those suckers run free and that movie gets three fingers.

These are conversations married men in their 30's DO have on a daily basis.

The best part of seeing Tomb Raider was seeing Angelina Jolie in the 1995 Classic film Hackers the next day, where she plays hot young hacker "Acid Burn".

What a huge piece of crap that flick is.

Go to In there is a song called I'm a Cow. Watch the flash version of the song. Laugh yourself silly.

Moo moooooooooo! Moo moo, moo moo!

Slap Out

19 Jun 01

P.S. - the FanList? Ignore it.

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