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the last two weeks.

Today in the office were all having a good time checking out the books we may or may not be carrying. Mt favorite is currently The Whole Lesbian Sex Book, though I'm going to look at Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men later on. Were you all aware that the queer community has some kinda "Hankie Code"??? Secret Codes? Where the hell do I sign up?

(Beware of Brown Hankie - thats a sign for I'm into scat.)

Of course, I only do this so I can have meaningful conversation with Angela at the Dyke March next weekend.

Miss Trisha is quite taken by The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. I think that may have to do with all the really bad line drawings.

ChrisFoleyNumberOne (no, not this guy, or this guy, or this guy, or this guy, or this guy, but he is This one. THIS GUY RIGHT HERE ) took my pasty white ass to see Victor Wooten and his guest MC Divinity at The Great American Music Hall. Victor is apparently the Bassist for Bella Fleck, and I just wanted to mention that while ChrisFoleyNumberOne is a big chunk o' funk, Compared to Victor he's a mere chip o' funk.

I mean, I hadda wear a goddamn helmet in that place because of the mountainous funk-asteroids flying out of the sound system. Good Stuff. MC Divinity beat my ass into boogyin' with some whack ass rap AND she plays Bass like a motherfucker. (Yes, I know - I sould even whiter when i say it.)

If you get the chance to catch them, do it.

The boys made me go see Nico and Dani (a.k.a Krámpack) last weekend.

They said "It's not that gay."


It was a nice little movie, but pretty damn gay.

Then afterward I had to listen to my freakin wife keep saying "You know, all boys are like that, blah blah blah..."

ChrisFoleyNumberOne and I? uh, no. Never like THAT.

Slap Out

16 Jun 01

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