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readin the logs

Every so often I go into my server and check the logs to see who showed up in this lost little unlinked corner of the web.

What do I look for? Well, I just like to know who's looking. My parents seem to check about once a week (when they remember they have an online hookup, that is), friends come thru on occasion, people from work stop in to see my smartass remarks, and recruiters usually come in this deep, maybe let half the images load, and then bail. Maybe they don't like my picture. They could at least say hi or something. I know you're out there, kiddies...

(Interesting factiod I read the other day: 80% of "Hi-Tech" recruiters can't talk technically with the people they're trying to recruit. Nice. Even if that's half true companies all over the country are getting smooth-talking non-tech MBA's instead of the techs they need simply because they interview well.

Yeah, there's a dearth of IT people out there. Right.)

I can usually find out at least where the hit is coming from, at least the state, and theres this one person that accounts for 2 or 3 hits a week. Seattle based, Seattle U, actually. ( I don't know who they are. I have an idea, but that's it.

SO, if you're out there and reading this, Mr Mozart1, why doncha hit the email link (hint - its the little round thing up top with the envelope in it) and pop me a message. I'd at least like to say hi.

As for the rest of you: Just because I haven't given a personalized invite doesn't mean you're exempt from saying hello, either. Yeah, you. Don't turn around and look to see who I'm talkin' to. It's you.

Don't worry. You won't have to make the extra clicks to email much longer, I'm going to try to put a guestbook in this weekend.

5 Aug 98

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