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fuck you, Net-Temps,
you moronic sack of shit assholes.

I got this email today:
Subject: Hello!!
   Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 15:37:26 -0500 (EST)
     To: slappyjack


I was visiting your web page today (
and noticed that you had a link to

I was wondering if you would be kind enough to add a link to my website,
"Net-Temps, A world of Jobs neatly Packaged"

Please let me know if this is ok with you, the people that
visit your site can visit ours and create a Free Desktop for
their Job Hunt.

Becky Price

To help another is to help oneself.

Becky Price

About six months ago I got the EXACT SAME FUCKING LETTER from ol' "Becky".

If you wanna go look at the section shes takling about, here it is. I wrote it about two years ago and it isnt even linked to anymore from the rest of the site, yet Becky found it with some retard script and didn't even read what I had written there (the main jist of which was how much i hated most recruiters).

I was polite to "her" the first time, but this is my response now:

    Subject: Re: Hello!!
       Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 13:33:02 -0800
       From: SlappyJack


Your stupid ass emailled me about six months ago asking for the same
thing, and since you still havent read the goddamn page, I'm putting
this on my site  so the entire world can see me tell you to



Why did I put all this up? Why link to them? Because if enough people follow the link, they'll notice it, and then they'll see a big fat fuck you to:

the recruiting organization with its head
further up its ass than any other
Recruiting Service!

Why you would trust suck yokels to find you a job is a good question, but then again, if you use them your kung-fu probably isn't for shit anyway.

Screw you, Net-Temps. I hope to see you all on the street begging for change next time I'm in Boston.

So I can spit on you.

Slap Out

27 Feb 01

the next day...

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