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back-up catch-up.

I got my new machine all up and running, and of course the insurance company is dragging their feet on paying off for the machine I just lost. They're trying to figure out how to lie about the value of a box to someone that built his own.

So they're officially to be considered assholes at this moment. That status will probably remain even after they give us an ass-reaming paltry sum.

NOTE: This DOES NOT apply to Franklin Lew, SuperAgent for State Farm. He did his part just fine.

Hannibal. I liked it, mainly because I knew the book. They fuck up the ending pretty good, once again proving Hollywood hasn't lost its withering touch.

Tidbit (highlight to read):
That's Gary Oldman under all the ugly makeup, once again proving the man can friggin' ACT.

I have a cell phone these days, and of course my company just got mega-mergered into Cingular. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it, because Cingular is apparently spending all the money I give them on assholish ads that supposedly promote "be an individual, express yourself."

I wonder how well they take to their own employees being individual and expressing themselves?

At least I'm not giving my monry to Verizion, who's co-opting of a generations (pick one, most of them have used it) symbol into its own brand awareness gimmick has hopefully given their entire Marketing, BizDev, Ad, and Senior Managment teams one way express tickets to hell.

Enjoy the heat, pricks.

Speaking of Verizion and their assholishness, who in the fuck thought it would be a good idea to develop a text chat application FOR YOUR PHONE?

Who needs this technology? If you have a wireless phone, why not just talk on the goddamn thing?

What, you're at a loud party? Go outside, dope.
In a library and wanna tell your girlfriend something? Wait 'till shes done studying, sparky.
    In fact, why the hell aren't you doing your work, too?

Secret agent surrounded by bad guys? Well too fu...
    Actually, thats a pretty good time to have remote text chat, but try typing anything important on that little useless keypad.

My knees hurt like a bitch every time I run now.

Anyone got any suggestions? Email Me.

I added an "enhancement" to the ScrewAOL page. I'd link you to it, but its basically designed to continually open up copies of itself when they try to get away from the page. I fucked up the javascript somewhere by mistake so after like the 2nd reload it blows up the browser.

Yeah. I left that bit in.

Anyone got suggestions on how else to fuck with them? I'm a little bored.

For those of you that remember the ring rant that I did for LAST valentines day, I'm glad to announce that BatGirl now wears her ring.

Most of the time.

Happy Valentines Day, BatGirl.

sprry I hadda say it in such a shitass update.

Slap Out

13 Feb 01

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