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her 15 minutes.

The wife's article in Esquire came out this week. Quite the overly-recealing piece, but nothing that bad, considering. The best part of the whole thing is the opening...
"And so, on certain special evenings, [she] will hand a small black plactic box to her partner in life and marriage, a fellow named [SlappyJack]. [Slappy] is thirty years old, a lovable, bookish, regular sort of man, living proof of the slogan on his T-shirt: CHICKS DIG SCRAWNY PALE GUYS."
i fucking rule.

For those of you that just saw the big picture of her on esquire and are now trying to track down dirt about her online so you can stalk her...

I really am her husband, and I've been trained by the United States to put rounds into a large grapefruit from 300 meters.

go away.

In another note about the wife, half the good jokes on her site these days?
Stolen from me.

Slap Out

18 Jan 01

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