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it's all over.

you know, I hate politicians as much as the next guy, and yes, I voted for Al Gore to keep Mr. Wish-I-Coulda-Played-Baseball out of office...


It's time to give up the ghost, kiddies. The Greens felt it more important to "make a statement" than to help keep Marblemouth the Republican Puppet That wanted to Play Ball out of office, and no amout of legal tomfoolery is going to make things better.

The forces of Groomed unintelligence won and we all have to put up with that now.

Stop it.

Remember how sick of the whole Blowjob thing normal people all got after two months? Take your time, I'll wait.

Yeah. We're at that point already, Mr. Politico. Give it up.

The big winners of this election were Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central, folks. The rest of us had better start saving, cause lean times is a-comin'.

That's enough for now. I got a few emmigration forms to fill out...

Slap Out

26 Nov 00

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